Our Services

The following services are offered at our machine shop in Niagara Falls: Precision Tooling, Stamping Dies, Injection Moulding, Mould Making and CMM Services.


Precision Tooling

  • Machining - Our facility offers a CNC machining centre for all of your plastic or metal manufacturing needs. Tight tolerances can be maintained without the use of secondary processes.
  • Turning - We have extensive experience with CNC and manual lathes for all prototype & production requirements.
  • Wire EDM - For intricate & tight contours, or difficult to machine metals. A highly accurate, waste-reducing technology, it has the capability to cut complex two dimensional shapes, providing virtually burr-free ultra high tolerance parts.
  • Engineering - From concept to final product, we will assist you in every engineering and design need, providing you with the most cost effective & sound manufacturing designs.

Mould Making

We have the expertise to make virtually any type of plastic injection moulds for prototype or production, thermoplastics, and engineering or thermoset resins. For customers with current moulds, we can assist with mould repairs, maintenance, or engineering.

Injection Moulding

Our plastic injection moulding department is a full service operation designed to meet all of your needs in one location. We utilize six machines with a maximum capacity of 26 ounces per part. Secondary operations include ultrasonic welding, hot-stamping, chrome plating, pad printing, assembly and packaging.

CMM Services

Through our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), we offer services such as: Third party inspection, reverse engineering, CMM layouts, 3D modelling & part digitizing.